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Provident fund loans to the implementation of the Shanghai room to buy!
Release time:2015/10/13 22:41:37

Many find work Keguan will concern the recruitment unit whether to provide "insurance policy", and the "gold" refers to the is and the house is closely related to the housing provident fund ~ along with the continuous improvement of the related system, ever seems to be out of reach of provident fund gradually "close to the gas, can directly address our life required. But if you think provident fund can only solve the location of the housing problem that you are mistaken ~ now in Guangxi, with the housing provident fund to across the country to buy the desire is no dream. National three ministries recently issued a notice, in October 8th the country to implement provident fund loans. Autonomous Region Housing fund supervision department said that from the date of the provisions of Guangxi people can apply for provident fund loans in other cities in the country to buy a house. It is understood that within half a month, the Guangxi rules can be released in different places loan policy.

Give a practical example: if in Nanning, the work of Ming sound want to buy an apartment in Shanghai, according to the local provident fund lending policies, to the Shanghai local housing provident fund center for individual housing loans can be. But perhaps you will be worried about: Provident Fund loans procedures so complex, remote loans landed, the application procedures for examination and approval will be improved? This you Keguan can rest assured: paid workers to apply for housing provident fund housing loans to individuals, agreed to according to I housing provident fund deducted from the amount projected monthly income, no longer need to unit to produce proof of income of workers. Paid workers to rent housing for the housing provident fund, in addition to proof of identity, I and the spouse of the housing, but also do not need to provide proof of other materials.