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Since 2008, AAA Mould has served the injection

molding industry designing and building the highest quality injection molds. These molds have included prototype, development bridge, multi-cavity, hot runner, auto unscrewing,insert,in-mold decorating,micro, metal injection,silicone, shuttle, multi-shot and stack. Our state-of-the-art facility employs an experienced and dedicated staff that is focused on providing a quality product and superior customer service.



The key to our success is our highly trained employees who are constantly looking for new technologies and process improvements to aid in the development of high quality molds. Our molds are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. This commitment provides our customers with exceptional value.


Our focus is customer service. Our business philosophy is to form a partnership with our customers from initial concept and design through final production and delivery. Our dedicated project managers ensure successful projects by maintaining effective communication throughout the process.